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There’s no doubt that kids today are growing up on a “non-traditional playground”. They are surrounded by a variety of handheld electronic games, big screen TVs and other technological gadgets that reduce their physical activity and create a more sedentary lifestyle. At Mini Athletes we get the little ones off the sofa and onto the playing field as children learn to play a different sport each week. We also travel to camps, schools, and daycares for an hour of sports fun. Learn more about a programs below:

A New Class for our Youngest Athletes!
Monday 10:30
Our newest addition to our Mini Athlete program! Classes for our Youngest Athletes. Get your little ones started by taking an introduction in sport classes for children as young as 24 months. Parent participation is required. Classes designed to increase fine and gross motor skill development, coordination and balance. Spatial and perceptual awareness and self-expression. Early socialization, sharing and taking turns, following directions and cooperating. Come join the Fun!

Traditional Mini Athletes Sports Class
Monday 9:30(3+4), 10:30 (5+6), 1:30 (3+4), Tuesday 10:30 (3+4) Wednesday 9:30 (3+4), 1:30 (5+6) Thursday 9:30 (3+4) Friday 9:30 (3+4) Saturday 9:00 (3+4), 10:00 (3+4), 11:00 (5+6)
With our "chin up, shoulders back" philosophy we take a positive, unique approach to getting young ones active while promoting self-confidence and improving self-discipline. We teach the importance of teamwork and positive encouragement for our teammates. Children play a new sport each week: soccer, tennis/Lacrosse , basketball, floor hockey, kickball, t-ball, flag football, tennis.

Sports Birthday Parties at Mini Athletes

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